Shameless Boasting.

Just wanted to share some work I’m particularly proud of, these are images from my first time working with FIGHT! Magazine on a Mayhem Miller story, “Who Killed Kata?” and it’s in the last issue with Shane Carwin on the cover.

When Mayhem called me to do this, I was thrilled because I’d been looking for an excuse to really get bold on a shoot.  We shot this between my backyard (the only place I can really do a full height setup, my garage is sized for portraits only) and on location in Chinatown on a very chilly January night, so props to the model who wore barely anything.

It was really great working with Mayhem and wonderful to shoot something creative for an MMA publication like FIGHT!.

I’ll try and post a few images they didn’t publish later.

Anyone read the story?  It’s loads of Mayhem-riffic fun.

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  • kentyman

    Very impressive!

  • Daniel Herbertson

    Gorgeous stuff, beautiful!

  • SirD

    Really beautiful! Taking MMA to new places!