MMA Fashion: Kinnikuman x Caol Uno + 10AC Line


I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a fashion nut.  At the moment, my wallet’s too thin to indulge in my desires, but I still read and keep up on what’s going on in Japan.  From Hypebeast via Honeyee (I always have to wait for Hypebeast to translate for me because I can’t seem to remember any of the three years of Japanese I studied), Caol Uno’s 10AC brand collaborates with Kinnikuman on a new line of t-shirts.  Hypebeast also finally explains Kinnikuman to me, which I feel MMA blogs failed to do —

Respected MMA fighter Caol Uno finds himself in an offbeat collabo with Japanese manga character Kinnikuman. Kinnikuman itself began airing in 1979 (till 1987) and revolved around a parody of Ultraman. Essentially part-time wrestler Kinnikuman was a last resort superhero to come around when nobody else was available.

I honestly didn’t know that Kinnikuman was a superhero parody, which makes sense now that I’m thinking back on my years of watching Japanese animation and how much of it was self-referential and self-deprecating.  It also makes his “real life” loss to Bob Sapp more excusable.  And!  They said “Respected MMA Fighter Caol Uno.”  I love when non-MMA blogs mention MMA in a good light, it gives me confidence that our little site has a place in the world of fighting.

Also, here’s the rest of this year’s Nike 10AC line for/by Uno.

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  • BM2

    Oh my god. I must have this shirt. Right now.

    (also, on another note, the famed Tiger Mask the real life wrestler was inspired by Tiger Mask the cartoon wrestler. The cartoon came before the real guy. The man who wrestled as Tiger Mask later went on to found SHOOTO.


    But man. That shirt. Does anyone know if they ship to Australia? <.<