Good humor.

The Fight Network’s Wai hosts a short video of Kenny Florian impersonating Ben Stiller for a feature called “The Wai In” and it’s wonderful.  It’s funny without taking the usual role of shit-talking and gaybashing that all MMA jokes seem to base themselves upon.  I love my guys at Fightlinker and think their April Fools’ contribution is hilarious but this clip makes me laugh without simultaneously feeling like a dick.  Added bonus: Wai’s rocking a nice cardigan and I always appreciate folks in MMA dressing like real people with some fashion sense.

The best part of this video is that Florian gets more comfortable towards the end and really shines in the Zoolander impersonation.

Thanks to Fightlinker Jackal “Shrute Boxe” for the find.

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  • EKC

    the host cracks me up!!