Forget it, Mayhem. It’s Chinatown.

As promised, a few more unpublished images from my FIGHT! Magazine shoot of Mayhem noir style.  I mentioned before that I relished the chance to do something stylized for a mag and when Mayhem called me, I knew this was the chance.  The actual shoot was done between my backyard, which I use as a studio at night (poor model had goose pimples all over her body), and Chinatown in Downtown Los Angeles, on Gin Ling Way in front of the Mountain Bar.  As the story, “Who Killed Kata?” was noir themed, I went with muted tones and I mounted broken venetian blinds on a C-stand and hung them in front of a light for the featured photo in the article.  I kept all the lighting white and red.  During my film school days, I collected a lot of odd objects for set dressing, so a lot of the random items on the desk are from my “old stuff” box. Without further ado…

Mayhem Miller investigates the seedy underbelly of Mixed Martial Arts.

It’s hopefully the last day of a heatwave here in Los Angeles so I can get back into my garage and shoot.  We’ve got a few things coming down the pipe including an upcoming article in Fighters Only Magazine on “The Outlaw” Dan Hardy and wallpapers.

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