Fight Night in San Jose

Not saying this as an excuse, okay, it is (but it really makes a giant difference)–I wasn’t able to shoot cageside due to the limited number of spots. I was at Strikeforce to cover the event for Fighters Only Magazine, who I shoot for quite often, and you’d think being an internationally distributed MMA magazine would get me in but alas, no. I made do, as I always do, but missed much of the action in the cage. Overall, the event was quite good and the live production was solid. I can’t comment on the TV production but I’ll watch the show when I return and compare notes.

I love how both Shamrock and Diaz received more boos than cheers upon their walkout — fans love to boo.

I knew Nick Diaz would pull the upset, and in fact, did not consider it an upset. He’s still one of my favorites, even if his fight hype sometimes crosses many fans’ lines, Diaz always entertains, and well, he hypes the fight the best way he knows how. And after delivering the body blow that took Shamrock down, Diaz helped Shamrock up, calling him a legend.

When Nick saw Casey and I, he said, “I know you!” and we smiled, and so did he.  That amuses me for some reason.

Here’s a few photos from tonight — including Scott Smith’s pulpy post-fight visage and Mickey Rourke chatting up Gina Carano.  These photos will be available for sale on SmugMug sometime tomorrow.  I’m falling asleep on my keyboard so I must, must sleep.

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