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The low-res of the streams I watched combined with my own poor memory of kanji make it a little difficult for me to determine the points on this chart.  Anyone know?

I know the top one is Power and the bottom left is Stamina.  I’m also assuming the middle right is ground game because Aoki’s got a 5 on it.  Help a sister out.  Thanks!

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6 Responses to Dream Chart

  1. schizosmurf says:

    Bottom right must be rape, because Sakurai has a 5 there.

  2. BM2 says:

    I guess if the top right is grappling, the very top is power, the top left is striking, the bottom left is stamina… then the bottom right is… experience??

  3. BM2 says:

    Yep, I think I’m right. I just checked Dynamite – legends like Saku and Tamura get a 5, while relative newbies to MMA like Mighty Mo get a 1. And at that event, Aoki got a 3 and Sakurai had a 4.

    Also, I googled the kanji for “experience” and got that. <.<

    • Esther says:

      Thanks Everyone! Yeah, I knew the ones in katakana because I have J-reading skills like a 5 yr old but I just didn’t know the kanji. I feel like I should put up the sound to “the more you know”

  4. Dean Marchand says:

    The top is power, top left is striking, top right is grappling, bottom right is stamina, and bottom left is experience.

  5. Top one is power, top right is awesome tight pants rating, bottom right is ability to inhale cheese through nostrils, bottom left is number of boners popped during adolescence, top left is maximum burp capacity. Hope that helps.

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