Did you know?

Tim calls Brian Schwartz a "kite", Brian repsonds, "You're too stupid to be a bigot."

In Porky’s, after the smooth talking, smooth plannin’ Jewish kid, Brian Schwartz, gets picked on by the bigot friend Tim Cavanaugh (who happens to be getting beat on by his father) beats Tim up in a fair fight, Tim’s friends inquire as to how the now-so-much-cooler Brian learned to fight.


Brian: Listen, when you’re Jewish, you either learn to fight or you take a lotta shit.
I don’t like to take shit, so I learned how to box, and I studied a little jujitsu.

Tim’s Friend (whose name I just forgot): That Japanese stuff, right? How often have you had to use it?

Brian: Well, this was the first time.

Schwartz’ chosen combat arts were boxing and what? Jiu jitsu! The film is set in 1954, in a Florida beach town, but was produced in 1980, released in 1981. Crazy, right?

That is all.

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  • http://fightersonlymagazine.co.uk/ Hywel

    Ha did you discover this while sitting down and watching Porky’s, or did you happen across it on the interwebs somewhere? Never would have marked you as a Porky’s fan ;)

    • http://www.allelbows.com Esther

      Ha! I actually was sitting and watching it. I’d never seen the movie before and it was on cable the other night. It’s surprisingly progressive. It’s got a sex-positive attitude that includes women, actually celebrates girls who put out, not as sluts, but good friends. Which I found kind of amazing.

      And of course, when they mentioned jiu jitsu, it made me like it more.


    did he actually call him kite or kike? I’m not making fun of jews, I’m serious. Kike is the derogitory term but kite would make sense considering the stupid comment made following it.

    • http://www.allelbows.com Esther

      He called him “kite” which is why Brian responds “It’s KIKE! K-I-K-E! You’re too stupid to be a bigot.” I just left the kike part out.


    oh, and for the record, as a purple belt and jew, my friends always laugh and say that its Jewjitsu to be exact


    ahhhh, gotcha…appreciate the clarification and the consideration in the original post. I haven’t seen the movie in years so its far past memory at this point. On a side note, your shots are amazing. Also my friend Becky who is an aspiring jits practitioner and in school for photography wanted me to tell you that your stuff is great and she loves seeing another chick doing mma stuff.

  • Grappo

    Meat! Meat! Meat! Meat!

    I’m having flashbacks of a misspent youth watching scrambled porn channels and USA Up All Night.