The Year of the Mo, Part One

We here at All Elbows are proud to present the first installment of a three part series on up-and-coming MMA fighter, Mo Lawal, better known as King Mo. In this episode, we drove all over Southern California to Mo’s many training locations to get a glimpse into the extensive and varied preparation that Mo receives.

Watch it in HD on Vimeo here: The Year of the Mo, pt.1: Training.

Catch Mo Lawal’s next fight at Sengoku 8, live on HDNet, Friday, March 20 at midnight Pacific, 3 am Eastern.  If you can’t stay up all night, it will be repeated on Friday at 7 pm PT, 10 pm ET right after Inside MMA.

Below are the photos we included in the credit sequence, because you love them so much after seeing them you want to see them again.

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  • Hass

    just saw this doc over at mmacube this is sick!

  • MacDaddy

    That is sweeeeeeeeet!! Nice work Esther.

  • Johnny Puma

    Nice work.
    What kind of camera did you use to shoot this piece?

  • malik

    king mo thank for this vidéo !you have a good technical staff

  • EKC

    re: Puma

    all of it was shot on Panasonic HVX’s with the stock lens at 720pn

  • mayhemlol

    “He’s, uh, very athletic and able to…you know, do things that…most mortal humans can’t do.”
    -Mayhem Miller

    Hahaha I love Mayhem! Hope to see some more guest appearances.

  • adam rosholt

    haha lookin’ perty tough Mo, damn that’s bout how i get down haha

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