Shinya Aoki vs JZ Cavalcante By Genghis Con

Genghis Con creates another piece of MMA art featuring two of our favorite LWs. I hope highlight reels like these start popping up more and more instead of the 1000’s of crappy ones on youtube cut to the latest song from Disturbed or Creed or some kind of frat boy rock.

So give yourself 15 minutes and sit back and enjoy!

Check out for more videos from Genghis Con

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  • watchit2times

    Wow that was beautiful. I just saw this today and I feel obligated to thank you for pointing it out. The whole saga was so emotional and in the end it was so poignant; it really felt like more than just a fight. I love fighting and I love films.

  • mark

    Incredible site!

    • EKC

      thanks alot!