For shame. Not that we didn’t know.

Kevin Iole at Yahoo!
reports that CSAC has suspended Ken Shamrock after he tested positive for three types of steroids.  Of course, this is no surprise.

Ken Shamrock considers his actions.  Perhaps.

What I wonder about is the EliteXC event in Fort Lauderdale last October, when Ken was ‘cut’ before the show and could not fight Kimbo Slice, setting off a chain of events: Kimbo gets knocked out by Seth Petruzelli,
allegations of fight fixing, bad press, EliteXC is unable to secure additional funding, Casey who contributes here and is my partner in crime gets laid off, I lose my biggest photo client, all of my good friends at EliteXC and ProElite lose their jobs.

Now, I’m not saying Ken Shamrock caused EliteXC to fail.  But I think he sped up the demise just a bit.  EliteXC might have at least had the resources to continue until their end of year event in November where Robbie Lawler would defend his belt against Joe Villaseñor and Nick Diaz would fight Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title.

Do you wonder if he feared he might test positive in Florida?  Or perhaps he didn’t juice and just feared losing poorly?  Or maybe he just wanted more money to fight Kimbo after learning how much Slice was slated to earn.

Or he really did cut himself pummeling before a big payday.  Who knows.  Well, he does.

But we don’t.

Again, I don’t think Ken Shamrock killed EliteXC but I am going to attach his face to my disappointment.  Assigning the failure of a multi-million dollar company to him is giving him too much credit, too much power.  I think Shamrock’s image, a showman, a tainted legend, aging and pumped full of drugs just to get going but then gassing in the end, works for my memory of ProElite/EliteXC.



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  • What an amazing photo. It really captures all the feelings one has about Ken, the gray hair and the body that is losing a fight to age. very nice.

  • Guest

    Rather than directing frustration towards Ken Shamrock (I’m no big fan of his, by the way) would it not be worth considering the mistakes of EliteXC itself: pinning the whole organization on Kimbo, actually engaging in fight fixing, as you pointed out, and Gary Shaw… These mistakes seem to vastly outweigh Ken Shamrock’s failure to fight. Perhaps you should reconsider the direction of your frustration and anger towards the mismanaged and potentially corrupt organization which fell victim to its own shortcomings

  • Oh, I’m not angry or frustrated at him. As I said, I kind of parallel his image with the image of ProElite in my mind. Ken’s fall from grace just makes me about as sad as losing my job twice did. That’s all.

    Besides, I worked for ProElite and EliteXC, I know it was bad and I know there were many many many problems and actually, I wouldn’t place ANY blame on the fighters.

    There’s just no way that overpaying a couple guys and hiring too many dancers somehow equates to 56 million dollars.

    But what I really think happened will stay with me, since I’d prefer to work in this town again.

  • i love your photos.. Their just amazing.. Do you have a deviantart or something where you post all those wonderful pictures of yours?

    it’s nice to see an MMA site that focuses on photography and the artsy side of things. :)

  • oh and i posted a fanshot of the ken shamrock piece on bloodyelbow to show people your beautiful picture. :)

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