Fight Night with Mo Lawal: Photos

As promised, here’s the photos documenting Fight Day with King Mo. The video of the day is here.

And the photos of Sengoku not from Mo’s adventure are here.

I figured it best to split them because otherwise it would be visual overload. Thanks again to Mo, Ryan, Dean, Yamamoto, and Chonan for letting me snap in their faces all day long. Also, I’d like to thank the fighters whom we shared the locker room with, except I don’t think they’ll read this. I’m sure Kadowaki, Okami, and Omigawa read English but doubt they’ll make it to my little site. But if you know ’em, tell them the girl with the camera says thanks for letting me take photos in an otherwise private setting.

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  • Daniel Herbertson

    Awesome stuff, the last one is just brilliant. Pulitzer award winning stuff.

  • Matt (omomatta)