Finding the Next Kimbo Slice

While working the Kimbo Slice vs Tank Abbott fight for EliteXC, we kept hearing about this guy called DADA. People were saying he was essentially the next Kimbo. Esther even got a picture of him at the fight, sort of. Well, it turns out, some documentary filmmakers going by the moniker Rakontur, decided to follow him around and show the world what backyard MMA in Florida is really like. I have to admit, I was pretty jealous when I saw this because I wish I was shooting a project like that right now. Hopefully, we will get in touch with these guys or Dada himself to get more info on Dawg Fight.

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  • zzz

    Why can’t they just go to amateur competitions, do well, get recognized by a camp’s manager, then get signed to fight professionally. Who’s the idiot who even spawned this ridiculous backyard fighting crap? He’s going to get people seriously injured without having any medical professionals around. Look at what he said about the ribs breaking and that guy with all those cuts on his face! What if he got infected or he’s anemic and the small blood loss is extremely taxing? Blood clot anyone? This is just plain stupid, and all these fighters who think this is their only option are just as foolish.

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