A Fight Poster After My Own Heart
Dream FW Poster - w/sponsors

Dream Featherweight Tournament Poster

I’ve always loved Dream/Pride artwork. The poster for the featherweight tournament is no exception. I’m also jealous that the sponsors get to be so small. When I was designing posters for EliteXC, the design always had to incorporate a number of event sponsors, giant logo, and big fighter photos, making the work awfully typical. But here, I feel Dream succeeds in making event key art that is memorable, beautiful, with strong brand identification.

I know whenever I see a beautiful fight poster, it’s Dream’s — and on top of that, if I see a fight poster from other orgs with clean design, I always say, “Oh look, they’re doing Dream/Pride style.”

Akiyo Nishiura and Abel Cullum

I’m really excited for this tournament and happy to see Abel Cullum repping King of the Cage. Photo by the very awesome Daniel Herbertson.

Oh yeah, there’s UFC going on tonight.  I personally can’t afford to buy it and am doing a photoshoot instead.

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  • rodney

    do you know a site where i can buy this and other dream/pride posters? my walls are looking a bit blank, and some of the dream stuff would look great.


    • http://www.allelbows.com Esther

      Dream posters, don’t know, ebay or friends in Japan! Pride has some stuff on UFC site.